Jul 26, 2010

One Year Aniversary

Already one year since we launched this website.
Category: General
Posted by: rkampen

Still some way behind our original timeline and not as far along as we had hoped.

We have found writing some of this stuff very difficult and realize that we are very much a work in progress. Thus as we start to put our fingers to the keyboard, we find that some of our thinking needs adjustment. In other areas we discover that things we thought we had sorted out and had a handle on, have come back to bite us again.

Through this process we discover once again the awesomeness of our God, who still loves and forgives us as we repent and seek His forgiveness. Better yet we also gain an increasing awarenss of His Holiness - not a popular topic. He cannot just let us get away with things or leave us as walking wounded as that would compromise the essence of who He is and significantly dilute the power of His Word.

Given the situation we currently find ourselves in, I'm hopeful that I can find some extra time to devote to writing.......

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