Lesson 16 - The Church Which is His Body


The Holy Spirit employs many figures with which to describe the redeemed people of God. We have already considered the word "church" and the word "building," and now we shall look at the word "body."

This metaphor is probably the most descriptive and easily understood of all those used. We all have a body and some understanding of its structure, function, unity and liability to malfunction and illness.
The simple message of "the body" is that all believers are bound together by a common life, and that each individual believer contributes to the life, health and function of the whole "body" as the members and parts of a human body contribute to its total life.

The word "body" like the word "church" has a twofold meaning. It refers to all of the redeemed universally and also a local group such as the Corinthians of whom Paul says, "Ye are A BODY OF CHRIST, and members severa11y" (1 Cor. 12:27 - Hort,). Each church is a sort of microcosm of the whole church.

Probably the great message of this metaphor is UNITY. "There is ONE BODY" (Eph. 4:4). "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female; FOR YE ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS" (Gal. 3:28). When Jesus came into the world, the Jews felt they had an exclusive right to God. "We be Abraham's seed!" It is true that they had been greatly privileged, but the Abrahamic promise carried with it also a great responsibility to bring blessing to "all the nations." (Gen. 18:18; 22:18). In failing to fulfill the will of God they had deteriorated into disobedient religious exclusivists. God's redemptive purpose was universal. This Jewish exclusivism, and indeed all religious exclusivism, was to be erased by the purpose of God in creating "the church which is His body" in which all believing men would have equal standing before God. It is hard for Gentiles to imagine how difficult it must have been to the Jew to think of Gentiles being brought in on the same basis as themselves. It was to converted Jews that this was made known.


Eph. 3:3,5,6 (Amp.) - "...the mystery (secret) was made known to me and I was allowed to comprehend IT BY DIRECT REVELATION...(This mystery) was never disclosed to human beings in past generations (AS) it has now BEEN REVEALED to His holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit. (It is this:) that the Gentiles are now to be FELLOW HEIRS (with the Jews), MEMBERS OF THE SAME BODY, and joint partakers (sharing) in the same divine promise in Christ through (their acceptance) of the glad tidings (the gospel)."

JBP - "...He allowed me to understand His secret BY GIVING ME A DIRECT REVELATION. This secret was hidden to past generations of mankind, but it has now, by the Spirit, been made plain to God‘s consecrated messengers and prophets. It is simply this: that the gentiles, who were previously excluded from God‘s agreements, are to be equal heirs with His chosen people, EQUAL MEMBERS and equal partners in God's promise given by Christ through the gospel."

The word "as" in verse 5 is most important. That the Gentiles should be converted was no mystery. The Old Testament taught this (Rom. 15:8-12). However, "the form in which the calling of the Gentiles was predicted in the Old Testament led to the general impression that they were to partake of the Messiah's reign by BECOMING JEWS, by being as proselytes merged into the old theocracy, which was to remain in all its peculiarities." The revelation of the "gospel" and "the body" revealed that converted Gentiles did not become Jews, but that both converted Gentiles and Jews became "EQUAL MEMBERS" of a new order called "the church, which is HIS BODY." The repeated reference to the word "body" as describing God's people indicates the importance placed upon the descriptive figure in the life and teaching of the early church.

Rom. 12:5 — "So we, being many, are ONE BODY IN CHRIST, and every one MEMBERS ONE OF ANOTHER."

1 Cor. 1O:17 — "For we being many are one bread, and ONE BODY."

1 Cor. 12:27 - "Now ye are THE BODY OF CHRIST .... "

Eph. 1:22,23 - "...the church, which is HIS BODY."

Eph. 4:4 - "There is ONE BODY!"

Eph. 5:3O — "For we are members of HIS BODY, of His flesh and of His bones."

Col. 1:18 - "He is the Head of THE BODY, the church."

Col. 1:24 - "...HIS BODY, which is the church."



We have already seen that it is God's revealed purpose that Jews and Gentiles should be "equal members" in the body of Christ." How was this to be accomplished? The Jew looked down on the Gentile as an "uncircumcised" outsider, and the Gentile despised the Jew for his claims of religious superiority. There was deep "enmity" between the two. The Jew insisted that the Gentile must come through him if he was to know God. The Gentile refused and clung to his idols. The deeper "enmity" of the human heart, both Jewish and Gentile, toward God needed to be dealt with. The answer to all our divisions is Christ.
Eph. 2:14-16 (Amp.) - "For He is (Himself) our peace — our bond of unity and harmony. He has made us both (Jew and Gentile) ONE (BODY), and has broken down (destroyed, abolished) the hostile dividing wall between us, by abolishing in His own (crucified) flesh THE ENMITY (caused by) the Law with its decrees and ordinances - which He annulled; that HE FROM THE TWO MIGHT CREATE IN HIMSELF ONE NEW MAN — one new quality of humanity out of the two — so MAKING PEACE. And (He designed) TO RECONCILE to God both (Jew and Gentile, united) in a SINGLE BODY by means of HIS CROSS; thereby KILLING THE MUTUAL ENMITY AND BRINGING THE FUED TO AN END."

Jew and Gentile must now both come to God BY WAY OF THE CROSS. The Jew comes "apart from the Law," and the Gentile "turns to God from idols." Each turns from "his own way" to find "PEACE through THE BLOOD OF HIS CROSS (Col. 1:20). When Jew and Gentile come to Christ, their enmity against God goes, and so does their enmity against one another. They are no longer Jew or Gentile, but "ONE IN CHRIST!" Each one has become "a NEW CREATION in Christ" (2 Cor. 5:17), and together they form another "created" order, namely, "a NEW HUMANITY," the "BODY OF CHRIST." "Not only is every believer a new creation, but the corporate organization into which they are built is also a creation. The Gentile is not turned into a Jew, nor the Jew into a Gentile, but both into ONE NEW MAN, thus removing all grounds of jealousy." All members of "the Body of Christ" leave their human religious identity at the cross. The old divisions and marks are gone and each member is EQUALLY "IN CHRIST!"

This is made clear and real to us at the very beginning of our Christian life when we obediently submit to baptism.

Rom. 6:3 - "Know ye not, that SO MANY OF US (Jew or Gentile) as were baptized into Jesus Christ were BAPTIZED INTO HIS DEATH?"

By the baptism of repentance we acknowledge our death to all "old things." (We emerge from our baptism to A NEW KIND OF LIFE. whatever we were before, we are NOW "partakers of the divine nature"

(2 Pet. 1:4). We are members of a new order in which the old Adamic divisions have no place. We are members of "His Body."


Col. 3:15 - "Let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye were CALLED IN ONE BODY .... "

Amp. - "And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from the Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts - deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds - (in that peaceful state) to which (as members of CHRIST'S) ONE BODY you were also CALLED TO LIVE."

We have learned in past lessons that the members of Christ's church are "CALLED OUT ONES." Since the "church is His body," to be called to one is to be called to the other. Our Lord by His redemptive work, has made it possible for both Jew and Gentile to be "reconciled" to Him. The call has been issued. Those who respond are, among other things, CALLED TO THE LIFE OF THE ONE BODY. We are NOT CALLED ALONE! we give the lie to our calling if we do not RELATE TO THE BODY. We have been "ELECTED TOGETHER" (1 Pet. 5:13). "He hath chosen US" (Eph. 1:4). The individual believer is to have "inner harmony" and such harmony is to characterize the whole "body," whether we think in terms universal or local.


1 Cor. 12:13 - "For BY ONE SPIRIT are we ALL BAPTIZED INTO ONE BODY, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free .... "

Amp. — "For by (means of the personal agency of) one (Holy) Spirit we were all, whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, baptized (and by baptism united together) INTO ONE BODY...."

Wey. — "Were baptized to FORM ONE BODY."

The repentant, believing, obedient person is made a member of the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit. He is supernaturally introduced into a community of supernaturally endowed "new creatures." This certainly marks the body of Christ as being more than a human society of "nice" people, whatever their academic, social and economic qualities may be. The body of Christ is Spiritually formed! The Holy Spirit not only puts the believer into Christ's body, but He is the believer's life in the body. Having been "baptized into the body" we now "drink of one Spirit." The Holy Spirit both inaugurates and perpetuates!


  1. What is God saying to us when He describes our relationship to each other as "a body?"
  2. What is the great message of this metaphor?
  3. What were the two main divisions in the human race at the time of Christ's advent?
  4. What was the mystery revealed to Paul concerning unity?
  5. When one becomes a Christian, to what is he "called" according to Colossians 3:15?
  6. Who brings us into living relationship with each other in the Christian community?