Christian / Disciple / Gospel

Posted: 04/13/2017 16:04:00, in category WITS News

So what has been happening in your world? In ours, it has been very intense. It has been a time of redefinition as we have sought to align more closely to what the essence of these three terms mean: Christian / Disciple / Gospel.

After much thought, reading and listening I think it is better to say:

"I am becoming Christian"

Christian means to be Christ like - on the good days, this could apply to me, on the not so good days it clearly doesn't. As the article Christian? tries to unpack, the key thought is that I don't get to decide, it is others looking at my life who will say (or not) if I am a Christian.

Disciple(ship) is also a somewhat neglected topic, so we try to enlighten our thinking on this under the heading Disciple?

Finally we became a little irked by what seems to be called the "Gospel" by many. In an effort to add clarity we have tried to define what elements make up the Gospel?

As in all of life, it is a work in progress, we see in part, however we can be confident that Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth.