No Longer Slaves

Over the last couple of months as we've been journeying through, thus far, uncharted waters, this song has released and shifted something inside of us.

Pondering the life of Jesus, it came to me that Jesus lived His life with ZERO fear. All the time, He was aware that His Father had His back, nothing could injure or harm Him, nor thwart the journey the Godhead had planned and that He was engaged in. The flip side of this issue of fear is seeking the approval of people. Here too, Jesus NEVER sought the approval of those around Him.

Early in 2015 this song was released by Bethel Music in a couple of video releases. The first contains the words for you to follow.

As we travel through life, we all start with our human need to feel and experience the loving security and nurture of our parents. We look for the smiles and approval of those that love us, and we in turn come to love, and typically allow these people significant influence in our lives. Nothing intrinsically wrong with that, it is these responses that help us safely grow and become functioning adults in our community.

Having started our walk of discipleship we soon learn that further growth and development is necessary in order to walk as Jesus did. Our human development has been marred by the fall and the existence of sin in our lives and in the lives of those around us. As we discover our "raison d'ĂȘtre" (the most important reason or purpose for someone or some thing's existence) we find that we are designed to be in constant communion and fellowship with God through Holy Spirit. This fellowship is what set Jesus apart, this enabled Him to walk with zero fear and never alter His behaviour or language in order to gain anyone's approval.

Once we realise that our Father loves us, He loved us before we loved Him: there is nothing we can do to make Him love us any more (or less!). He has adopted us into a new blood line, we are now part of His family. We are to legitimately walk as, behave as, speak as, sons and daughters of the living God - representatives of His Kingdom where ever we find ourselves. Filled with the indestructible life of Holy Spirit that lives within us, that same life force that raised Jesus from the dead.

These ideas, concepts are not new to me, anything more than a casual reading of the Bible will reveal the truth of this to us. It is how this impacts us inside our thinking and thus into our actions that really has shifted for me. The above song has captured this message so well, I hope and pray it causes a real shift for you - no longer walking in fear - there is nothing you will face, ever - that you and Holy Spirit within you cannot face and overcome with no need for any fear. Selah.