To be Continued .....

This series on church life covers a lot, yet I have always felt it missed something. Over the last few years, as the world has reeled with the impact of covid and the various measures implemented in and around response to this contagion, I think some clarity is emerging about what and who the church is meant to be. Watch this space as we seek to unpack further some of the community aspects of the church walking out the good news of the Kingdom. It really is good news for all of creation, in very practical and restorative ways.

Further reading .... see Acts where seven Holy Spirit filled men were selected and commissioned to carry out important work on behalf of the community they lived in. Interestingly, the first martyr, Stephen comes from this group .... co-incidence? I think not.

Truly living in community, sharing, supporting and loving in the inevitable stresses this sacrificial lifestyle involves, is going to be necessary for the development of the character of Christ to be fully formed in each member of the ecclesia (assembly, gathering) as they are moulded and formed as living stones into the bride of Christ.