You're Not Alone - A Devotional for Couples

In a world where the term "busy life-style" has become a catch-phrase to describe the hectic pace we have succumbed to, how can a couple stay in touch with their feelings, grow together spiritually, and face challenges for which their parents may never have prepared them? And how can they do this while developing and growing an intimate and personal relationship with their Father in Heaven?

In You're Not Alone - A Devotional for Couples, two couples born in four different countries from different roots, share their living experiences on many continents and the life and spiritual events that have shaped their Walk in the Spirit. The Devotional contains 52 personal life stories, one for each week of the year, on subjects as diverse as:

  • settling in a foreign land
  • facing medical and financial crises
  • coping with the challenges of struggling teenagers
  • resolving personal and marital conflict

while trying to grow closer to God and being obedient children in His Kingdom.

The writers are:

We hope the experiences of these two couples will fascinate and motivate other couples as they seek to Walk in the Spirit .... together, and develop the character attributes and relationships that God has created them for.