Enoch's Blessing

Posted: 04/26/2015 19:04:00, in category WITS News

It's been a while since I've posted any news updates. A lot is happening in the world of 2015, much of it could be alarming if we focus on it. There is also much happening in the Kingdom of God, light is increasing and the yearning of God's heart for His creation kids to walk in His power and Spirit has never been more apparent.

So, to the title of this news post - "Enoch's Blessing" I have just read this new paraphrase of Enoch's writings and prophecies and just wanted to share a bit from Chapter 38 : 2

And when the Righteous One reveals Himself before the eyes of the righteous, to everyone who allowed their deeds to be divinely orchestrated and completely dependent upon the Lord of Spiritsand when the righteous see the light and [it shines from] the chosen ones who live on the earth: ....

The bit in bold above just really captured me. I think Enoch (one of only two in the Bible that were caught up into heaven and never died) had this mindset and life style that we should also desire: To allow our life's direction, attention and path to be totally surrendered to whatever God wants, He gets to decide, our constant response is "Yes Lord" with no questions asked, no ifs or buts, and then to rely completely and utterly on Him and Holy Spirit for the enabling, empowering and grace to do what's in front of us, that He wants done.

Quite sure I'm not walking in this yet, but it is the goal, the objective of my heart to be so led, motivated and empowered.

Be blessed, thanks for reading.