The King and His Army

Posted: 05/13/2018 22:36:11, in category WITS News

The King and His Army by Ern Baxter

While working on the new server and getting "Church Life" knocked into shape, I discovered this series of five talks given by Ern Baxter. He is the source of the material that we present as "Beginnings" and "Church Life".

These five talks originally given over five days in a conference setting in the UK, took place in 1975.

Not relevant in 2018?

Think again, as I read them it felt like it fits right into what we are experiencing over 40 years later ......

Much food for thought!

These are actual transcripts of the sermons, they are quite long, so prepare to take the time needed to read and absorb.

The Head and Shoulders Man is Part 1 of The King And His Army, the prophetically important series of messages preached by Ern Baxter at the Lakes Bible Week in 1975 and recently transcribed by Dan Bowen. these average approx 10,000 words each.

From the typical significance of David’s long and difficult journey from Ziklag to Hebron and David’s final anointing as King of all the tribes of Israel, the conquest of Jebus by the armies of Israel that followed, and the establishment of Zion as David’s great city, Brother Baxter paints a powerful prophetic picture of the coming apostolic restoration and reformation of Christ’s Church. In these wonderful Biblical messages Ern carefully and thoughtfully lays out for the Church today what it is going to take to give birth to a true apostolic reformation, and move God’s people from the head and shoulder government of King Saul to the heart government of David!